Miners Memorial

Miners Memorial

The unique site of the 'Line of Lode Miners Memorial and Visitors Centre', on the edge of the mullock heap that bisects the city of Broken Hill, could not provide a more dramatic and visible location. This drama is heightened after dark, when the floodlit buildings appear like a beacon shining across the city.

The stark reality of working in Broken Hill’s mines over the ages is writ large on the Miners Memorial. The striking architectural edifice and spectacular view over the city add emotional weight to the list of more than 800 miners who lost their lives on the job.

The two small dump trucks nearby are also a memorial to the only two miners still entombed. Take a moment to read the poem inscribed on it. The dump trucks and the Miners Memorial are sober reminders of why Broken Hill pioneered a culture of trade unionism, including the introduction of the 35 hour working week and the defeat of conscription in Australia.

The list of the dead includes Dario Palumbo, an architecture student from the University of South Australia, who died suddenly during his work on the project.

The Line of Lode Miners Memorial is an icon for Broken Hill and the mining industry. 

For the community, the Line of Lode Miners Memorial and Visitors Centre provide the first opportunity for those not employed in mining to visit the site. Floral tributes beside some of the hundreds of names in the memorial are a testimony that grief and memories are ever present.

The site is also home to the Broken Earth Café & Restaurant, which commands spectacular views over the city and beyond.