LEGO Forest

LEGO Forest

In July 2012 Broken Hill enjoyed a magical surprise, with a life-sized LEGO® Forest rising from the red soil to create a colourful contrast against the vibrant landscape.The Forest consisted of 15 of the iconic LEGO ‘pine’ trees scaling 4 metres in height and 15 flower sets. The LEGO Forest trees and flowers are 1:1 in ratio replicas of the original iconic pieces, but over 66 times bigger in size to make the magical play world a reality.

In April 2012, the trees stood tall and proud in Sydney’s bustling Martin Place, where office workers were delighted by the colour and fun on their way to work.

After this the LEGO Forest had hit the road and headed straight to the red dust plains and blue skies of Broken Hill and far-western NSW where they were on display at the breathtaking Living Desert & Sculpture Park, allowing visitors to get up close and personal with the forest or climb to a vantage point and marvel at them from afar.

Wincen Cuy, Broken Hill Mayor, said:
“To have such an iconic brand that so many Aussies grew up with, set against the classic Australian outback is a wonderful sight and I’m sure both locals and tourists of all ages will have a lot of fun discovering the magic that LEGO Forest will bring to Broken Hill.”

Caroline Squire, Director of Marketing, LEGO Australia and New Zealand said:
“After LEGO Forest received an incredible welcome in Sydney, we wanted to ensure fans of LEGO in regional NSW would have the chance to see these life-sized trees up close and personal. When thinking about a typical Australian location that would bring to life the colour and vibrancy of the Forest, we couldn’t go past Broken Hill. The contrast of the larger-than-life green trees against the vast red Aussie land is an unforgettable sight!”

The LEGO Forest was part of LEGO Festival of Play, a nine-month schedule of hands-on events and elaborate creations held in 2012 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the LEGO® brick in Australia.